Tips to make child custody exchanges as easy as possible

115422721_s.jpgMost divorces in Kansas City result in at least some degree of bitterness, often lingering even after the divorce is complete. Many spouses would not mind if they never had to see their ex again, but parenting does not stop in the wake of divorce. This can lead to trouble for some Missouri couples when making child custody exchanges.

Some of the issues that arise during exchanges can be harmful to a child’s mental and emotional wellbeing. For example, if parents engage in heated arguments or name-calling every time an exchange occurs, children may come to dread what should be a pleasant experience.

It can be extremely difficult to refrain from getting drawn into an argument, and the problem can keep occurring until your children become adults. If the issue becomes especially severe or even dangerous, take the problem to a lawyer for guidance. In the meantime, consider following the tips below to make your custody exchanges as easy as possible.

  • Make exchanges in a public place like the police station or at school
  • Bring a third-party along for your exchanges to keep things civil
  • Always show up for the exchanges on time to avoid a potential argument
  • Consider having a family member or a friend make the exchanges for you
  • Do not allow yourself to be baited into an argument
  • Be sure to bring everything your child will need so that your ex has no fuel for a disagreement

Over time, the animosity between you and your ex may lessen. However, take care not to put yourself or your kids at risk of violence. Your attorney can help if you continue to experience difficulties with your custody swaps.

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