Finding happiness after divorce

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in divorce on Monday, January 8, 2018.

As any Missouri resident who has gone through a divorce is aware, the stress from the process does not end when paperwork is finalized. Instead, the pain from recovering and moving on can persist for months and even years afterward. The important aspect to keep in mind, however, is that the struggle after a separation is common. It can be challenging to restructure everyday life activities, social circles and traditions. After the dust settles, contentment can be found once again.

The Kansas City Star reported last year that reevaluating all aspects of life after a divorce can be beneficial. By letting the pain of separation run its course, individuals can take a clear look at the more technical sides of the process, including finances. One common misstep that many make, according to the Star, is hiding assets — the article encourages those in this situation to examine documents such as checking account statements, expense accounts and tax returns to ensure all aspects of the process are on the table. On a more literal level, the Star also urges readers who have recently gone through a divorce to pay attention to basic necessities and overall self-care. Cleaning out a house after a marriage can work wonders for personal health.

When a divorce is the only answer, the aforementioned tips can sometimes appear as looming and anxiety-inducing responsibilities. KCTV 5 News points out the common tendency to turn to social media when stress from life becomes overwhelming; any part of the divorce process can throw one into a confused and emotional state. Yet the news outlet warns its audience of sharing too much personal information in the heat of disagreement — even a judge can view posts and consider them when making decisions about divorce procedures. Celebrating a new job or posting even an innocent photo with alcohol can come back into the picture in negative ways for some parents, especially if they claim to struggle financially or to be free of past alcohol abuse. Although some may see social media platforms as a cathartic release, the damaging consequences could outweigh the enjoyment of posting. And while divorce can affect each individual differently, it is generally wise to examine all parts of life in order to put the best foot forward.

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