How to behave in divorce court

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in divorce on Thursday, October 6, 2016.

Ideally, spouses are able to sit down with their attorneys in Missouri and come to a reasonable agreement on property division and other issues. Once this is reached, it is taken to the judge, where the final decision is handed down. However, if things do not go so smoothly, it may be much more difficult for both parties to keep their composure while in the court room. The Huffington Post warns that behavior in front of the judge may affect the outcome of the case.

Although one or both spouses were unwilling to negotiate before going to court, they should both be careful not to go overboard on their requests. If these are outrageously unfair, it will not impress the judge. On the contrary, it could lead to some negative feedback. Whether the judge’s responses are welcome or unwelcome, spouses may do well to remember that the way they react and how they speak to the judge should always be completely respectful.

How people dress when they go to court tells a story about respect, too, and judges often form opinions based on first impressions. So, whether it is fair or not, poor grooming and unkempt clothing could have a bearing on the ruling.

Proper courtroom etiquette should be maintained throughout the proceedings, regardless of how long the process takes. points out that if a couple has a particularly contentious divorce, they may appear before the judge numerous times before the final divorce decree is handed down. At that point, it may be difficult to make any changes, so everything the judge sees could have ramifications for a very long time.

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