Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid in Kansas City, KS

An estate plan has many benefits for those who create them and their family members. However, for these benefits to exist, the estate plan must be enforceable and address the appropriate aspects of your estate. There are many mistakes that people make during the process of estate planning. It’s helpful to work with a Kansas City, KS, estate planning attorney to avoid these mistakes and get the greatest advantages from an estate plan. Common errors include: Not Having Any Estate Plan One of the biggest mistakes in estate planning is not planning your estate. Even by creating a simple estate


Types of Child Custody in Missouri

It’s important to understand the options for child custody if you are divorcing or separating. This is an incredibly difficult process for the entire family, and this information can help you successfully navigate it. It’s also beneficial to work with a Kansas City, MO, child custody attorney throughout these proceedings. The Types of Child Custody in Kansas City, MO Missouri’s child custody laws are similar to those of many other states and include two main types: legal and physical custody. Family courts can assign each of these types of custody solely to one parent or jointly to both. Physical custody


How Is Property Divided in a Kansas Divorce?

In a Kansas divorce, property is divided based on a few factors. Divorce may involve many complicated family law cases, including child support, alimony, and child custody. Nearly all divorces involve some level of property division. Dividing property between spouses operates differently in Kansas than in most other states, and this can make it harder to navigate. A qualified Kansas City, KS, divorce attorney can help you navigate the division of property and how to effectively protect your interests. The process of divorce is financially draining, and this can increase tension between spouses during property division. The costs of divorce


The Basics of Missouri Child Support

Child support is assigned when parents divorce or separate. It’s important to understand how crucial child support is for the well-being and needs of a child. Some parents misinterpret child support, but it exists to care for your child and ensure that both parents are contributing equitable levels of financial support. There are several factors that influence how child support is calculated. A Kansas City child support attorney can help you negotiate a custody and support determination in or out of court. What Is the Purpose of Child Support? The Purpose of child support is to ensure children are cared


What If a Parent Isn’t Following the Parenting Plan in Kansas City, KS?

A parenting plan exists to list the responsibilities of each parent, where a child lives, how parents make decisions and solve disputes, and how parents communicate when they are living separately and are each raising their child. If a parent is willfully and consistently violating the court orders put in place, this needs to be addressed. An experienced child custody attorney in Kansas City, KS, is an exceptional asset when determining how to handle these difficult situations. You and your co-parent may have negotiated a parenting plan through mediation, or you may have had a parenting plan determined by the


How Can I Protect My Business From Divorce in Missouri?

A divorce is already highly stressful and complicated, but it can be even more complex when one or both spouses have a business or business interests. A divorce attorney in Kansas City, MO, is useful when navigating the division of a business in mediation or advocating for your needs in court. Determine If the Business Is Marital or Separate Property Before you determine plans for protecting or dividing a business that you own or have an interest in, you need to determine whether it will be classified as separate or marital property. If the business is considered separate property, then


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