Breaking news of a divorce to your child

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in divorce on Friday, October 5, 2018.

Missouri parents who have decided to divorce have a lot of worries to handle. One of the top concerns involves parents trying to decide how they’re going to break the news to their children. While the options vary depending on the child’s age and temperament, there are still some general rules of thumb that can be applied to most situations.

Psychology Today puts a strong emphasis on remaining mature and keeping the child from feeling any blame for the impending divorce. It should be made clear that the divorce is not happening because of them. Rather, it’s happening because the parents feel as if it’s the best decision, and it’s one they made entirely on their own. Additionally, studies have shown that children react better when parents present a unified front. This means parents should avoid blaming each other for the divorce or anything leading up to it.

Today’s Parent also reminds us that regardless of how parents break the news about the divorce, the discussion should be limited to what the child needs to know. No matter how old a child is, there are some details that they simply don’t need. This ties into presenting a unified front. It also allows children to continue seeing their parents as parents, which is important when moving forward and having to deal with things like custody, parenting time, and so on.

Getting a divorce may be the best option for the overall health of everyone in the family, but it can still be difficult to get through. Children should be treated patiently and kindly and given as much time to adjust as necessary to adjust to their new situation.

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