Arranging custody during the summer months

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in child custody on Friday, April 6, 2018.

With the arrival of spring in Jackson County, parents inevitably look forward to the summertime to plan for when their children will be out of school. As a recently divorced parent, you may be looking forward to your kids’ summer break with extra anticipation this year given that it will allow you to spend more time with them. You may want to include an extended vacation as part of that time, yet would such a venture work with your custody schedule? We here at the Stange Law Firm have worked with countless clients in the same position, and are happy to tell you that the law allows for extended custody periods exclusively during your children’s summer break.

When developing your parenting plan, you and your ex-spouse are offered two options to split custodial time during summer break. According to the Missouri State Judiciary, these options are to continue with your normal custody schedule, or to allow you both to rotate custody every week. If you were to choose the latter, this temporary agreement would begin three days after school ends and end three days prior to classes resuming.

Whichever custody arrangement you and your ex choose to follow during the summer, you both are allowed a period of up to 14 consecutive days of custody. This is to allow you to take that vacation that you have been planning. The privilege of choosing when to take this two-week extended period first will rotate between you and your spouse each year. In the years when you are allowed to choose first, you must notify your ex-spouse of the specific dates by May 1st. In the years you pick second, you must make your plans known by May 31st.

More information of modifying your custody agreement can be found here on our site.

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