Divorce and concerns about identity theft

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in divorce on Saturday, November 11, 2017.

Divorce brings many hurdles for couples, such as concerns about who will be responsible for paying debts or taking care of children. However, some people may also fall victim to identity theft at the hands of their former marital partner. If you fear that this may happen to you, it is pivotal to take whatever steps you can to protect your identity. If you think that this has already affected you, you may want to look into further action. Unfortunately, identity theft can affect those who are splitting up with their spouse for different reasons.

Sometimes, people are very bitter during a divorce or are upset at their former spouse for one reason or another. Unfortunately, some people choose to act out in a way that may hurt their ex, even if it is against the law. Some people may also steal their former spouse’s identity because they are experiencing financial challenges after ending their marriage. Moreover, this can be especially problematic because spouses often have each other’s personal information, such as date of birth, mother’s maiden name, social security number, etc. If you have experienced identity theft or another violation of the law because of your ex, you may want to address this in court.

Divorce can bring many challenges for couples to work through, which is why communication is so important. However, people may not always have the ability to speak with the other party. The divorce part of our site offers even more on ending a marriage.

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