Addressing an unfair prenup

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in divorce on Saturday, September 2, 2017.

When a couple works through the divorce process, they may run into any number of problems, from disagreements over who will have custody of the children to the way marital property is split up. However, each divorce is unique and some couples face hurdles that are less common, such as allegations that a prenuptial agreement is invalid. If you believe that you signed an unfair prenup, or if your marital partner is wrongly claiming that your prenuptial agreement is unfair or invalid, Stange Law Firm knows how vital it is to work through this matter properly.

When people sign unfair prenups, whether they were coerced into signing or the prenup is invalid for some other reason, they need to defend their rights. Unfortunately, some people do not recognize that the prenup they signed years ago was unfair, or some may feel as if they do not have any options. However, when an unfair prenup will affect how property is split up between spouses when they divorce, or have an impact on any other divorce-related topic, those whose rights have been violated should never stay silent.

Working through legal issues involving a prenuptial agreement can be tricky, but people who have been taken advantage of deserve a voice. Unfortunately, more and more Americans will sign prenups that are not fair and these people deserve justice. If you browse to our divorce section, you can read about additional material related to prenuptial agreements and other considerations that arise with regard to the end of marriage.

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