Relocating with your child after divorce

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in child custody on Friday, February 24, 2017.

If you are a parent who has gone through a divorce, there may be a myriad of complications you have to deal with. For example, you could be struggling due to missing child support payments. However, if you wish to relocate with your child to Jackson County, Missouri, or elsewhere in the nation, moving forward can be particularly challenging. At Stange Law Firm, we recognize the importance of covering every base when it comes to relocating with children after a divorce.

Before moving, there are a number of conditions which must be met. You will be required to inform the other parent of your child about your intentions by sending them a certified letter. State law requires that you provide a number of details in the letter, such as the purpose for relocating as well as the date and location you plan on moving to.

If you move with your child and do not work through the process properly, the outcome could be devastating if the court decides to take action against you. Our law firm understands the pressures that parents may be facing when they are considering moving and the different reasons why relocation is necessary. However, it is paramount to ensure that all legal matters involving relocating with a child are carefully taken into consideration.

If you make sure that all requirements are met, you could be able to simplify the relocation process. On our relocation with a child page, you can take a look at even more material related to parental relocation.

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