Modifying a custody order because of military deployment

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in child custody on Saturday, October 8, 2016.

Whether you are a parent who is facing deployment or are a non-deploying parent, you may wish to modify your child custody order as a result of military service. In Jackson County, Missouri, families who are preparing for the deployment of a loved one often face a number of difficult decisions and are unsure of the full impact deployment will have on their lives. If you are struggling with any issues related to deployment, finding answers and working towards a positive outcome is crucial.

According to the Missouri General Assembly, you can temporarily modify your child custody order while you are deployed or while your child’s other parent is deployed. If you are being deployed, you may be able to have an expedited hearing over custody issues, so long as you have good cause and let the court know ahead of time. However, there are certain limitations that you should recognize. For example, you cannot assign your visitation rights to a relative who has a track record of carrying out domestic violence against someone in the household.

When it comes to military deployment and other matters that can have a significant impact on your family, it is vital to focus on the best interests of children at all times. Even though deployment, divorce and other issues can be difficult for children, parents who do everything in their power to avoid unnecessary problems can make life easier for their kids. If you visit the section of our site that focuses on child custody, you can review more information related to modifying a custody agreement.

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