4 events that don’t automatically end child support

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in child support on Thursday, September 22, 2016.

Parents who are obligated to pay child support don’t necessarily look forward to making these payments every month. However, they do so knowing that their financial contribution is essential in protecting the well-being of their child, and they should know that failure to keep up with payments could have very serious legal consequences.

With all this in mind, parents often look forward to the day when they can finally stop making these payments. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen when people think it should happen.

For instance, below are some examples of when you might think you can stop paying child support. However, in accordance with Missouri child support laws, you would be wrong.

  1. If the other parent gets married to someone who can financially support the child
  2. If a child turns 18, but is still enrolled in secondary school
  3. If you file for bankruptcy
  4. If your ex interferes with visitation or custody

In these situations, you might feel like you should be able to stop paying child support, but unless a court has approved termination of support, you need to continue paying.

Too many parents make assumptions about their rights and obligations that are misguided or incorrect when it comes to things like child support. This can get them into some serious trouble and take an unfortunate toll on the children who are affected by the payment or non-payment of support.

If you have questions or concerns about termination of child support in Missouri, it can be in your best interests to consult a family law attorney before you make any decisions or take matters into your own hands. Failure to pay child support for any reason can have serious consequences like fines, decreased parenting time and even incarceration in some cases.

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