Legal solutions for 3 common child support issues

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in child support on Monday, May 16, 2016.

Every legal issue concerning your children can be particularly contentious and confusing when you are at odds with the other parent of your children. Rather than hope the situation works itself out or assuming you know what’s best, it can be critical that you discuss your legal options with an attorney.

There are legal resolutions for just about any family matter that parents are confronted with. In this post, we will look at some possible solutions for three common disputes that arise in regard to child support.

  1. I can’t pay child support: If you are a parent struggling to pay child support, whether you have lost your job or have been diagnosed with a serious illness, you would be wise to examine the options for support modification. In situations where your financial circumstances or obligations have changes greatly, the courts can modify your child support payments temporarily or permanently to reflect these changes.
  2. My ex is refusing to pay child support: If you are supposed to receive support but have not received payments, you can file a petition for the courts to intervene and enforce the original order. The courts can then impose penalties to collect payments.
  3. No one has been ordered to pay child support: If you are a mother who is not receiving support, you may need to legally confirm who the father of your child is. Establishing paternity with the help of the courts is essential in seeking child support.

In each of these situations, at least one legal resolution is available. The attorneys at our firm can discuss each of these solutions and the many others that you may want to consider if you are struggling with a child support issue in Kansas City. For information on our background in this area of family law, please visit our website.

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