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By Stange Law Firm, PC on Tuesday, January 12, 2016.

Stange Law Firm, PC is excited to announce the opening of their office in Kansas City, Missouri in Lee’s Summit in Jackson County.

Stange Law Firm, PC is a family law firm with offices in Missouri and Illinois. Stange Law Firm, PC focuses solely on family law in areas such as, divorce, child custody, child support, father’s rights, guardianship and other domestic relations matters. You can find a full list of areas of family law matters that we handle on our website. Stange Law Firm, PC knows how difficult it can be to go through a family law matter and we take great pride in representing you every step of the way.

The office location in Lee’s Summit, Missouri in Jackson County is: 256 NE Tudor Road, Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64086.

This blog was created to give readers insight and information about family law matters in and around the Kansas City area. The stories on our blog are not in reference to any case that we are handling. The purpose of these stories is to provide information that can educate readers.

However, if you are looking for a family law attorney in Kansas City/Lee’s Summit, Missouri in Jackson County, we can help. Our Kansas City, MO Divorce Attorneys are available to assist you in any family law case that you have. You can contact us online or by calling 816-875-4505.

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